The Golden Gate Flyer 

"Helping House the Homeless"

Since 1873...

Visitors to San Francisco 

have ridden our cable cars halfway to the stars...

With the opening of the magnificent

Golden Gate Flyer

Our guests will fly close enough to those stars to nearly touch them...oon, with the opening of the m.agnificent Golden Gate Flyer, our guests will fly close enough to those stars to nearly touch t

View of the Golden Gate Exposition and Worlds Fair - circa 1939

                   Golden Gate Flyer - 700'          Transamerica Pyramid - 853'

                                                                           View of The Golden Gate Flyer looking west towards San Francisco

View of the Golden Gate Flyer from California Avenue looking Southeast

Looking East towards Treasure Island

The Golden Gate Flyer

World's Tallest Observation Wheel

At 700 feet, this will indeed be the World's Tallest. A flight in one of the 36 luxurious state-of-the-art and climate controlled capsules will offer one of the most spectacular views on the planet; encompassing not only the San Francisco skyline and both the Golden Gate and Bay Bridges, but a glorious, 360-degree panoramic view of the entire Bay Area.

IMAX Theatre

500 Seats of Awesome

First-run IMAX films, Special Showings and Premieres, an elegant Convention, Conference and Meeting space as well as a local performing arts venue; all inside a beautiful framework of sparkling glass; an arresting architectural anchor.

Experience Theatre


A spectacular, immersive 4d film tour of the San Francisco Bay with all her facets and wonders. As though on the wings of an eagle, the audience will soar up from Treasure Island, over the towers of San Francisco and out to sea, down the coast and inland over Palo Alto, San Jose, Gilroy and up the East Bay over Alameda, Oakland, Berkeley and her hills, circling up, over and around Mount Diablo then across Richmond, Belvedere and Mill Valley to Marin's iconic Mount Tamalpais, "The Sleeping Maiden," over the wine country of Napa and Sonoma counties, and back out to sea to return through the Golden Gate and land back at the base of our newest wonder, the Golden Gate Flyer.

Floating Butterfly Habitat

A walk-through Experience

Preserving one of California's most valuable inhabitants, the Monarch Butterfly; the Habitat offers an opportunity to feel the delicate touch of these beautiful creatures as they alight on hair and hands, and touch hearts with their gentle magnificence.

Promenade and Public Park

Walkways, Amphitheater, Fountains & Sculpture Garden

From the moment of disembarking the Ferry, guests are welcomed by a shady promenade along Clipper Cove to the base of the Flyer and The Spar. There to find restful spots for contemplation and taking in the atmosphere. Visitors, families from the neighborhood and workers from the nearby offices can bring lunch or purchase from nearby cafés and kiosks; enjoying the restful vibe as the wheel turns quietly, overhead. Before or after one's Flight, the unique, terra formed public park atop the exposition hall offers both residents and visitors a place for relaxation and reflection.

The Dr.Frederic Terman and Robert Noyce Exposition Halls

The future of technology on display today

Nestled at the base of The Golden Gate Flyer and evoking the glorious exhibition halls of the 1939 Golden Gate International Exposition for which Treasure Island was originally built is a spectacular space. with soaring ceilings and expansive glass walls showcasing our sponsors latest technological breakthroughs and products. A massive, interactive holographic display tells the story of San Francisco and the Bay from it's discovery to today. Also located within this glorious space will be numerous places to relax, buy refreshments, souvenirs and gifts, and a full service bar and restaurant. A Technology Lab, break out rooms, and VIP lounge will also be featured.

                 One of the Pan Am Clipper Flying Boats that inaugurated the era of Trans Pacific flight taxing away from the Golden Gate Flyer site.

The London Eye Experience
The Golden Gate Flyer Experience is under construction!