The Golden Gate Flyer 

"Helping House the Homeless"

The Golden Gate Flyer will become one of the most recognized regional icons in the World.  It will be a stunning masterpiece of concrete, glass and steel.

The entire complex will be built on a state of the art 'base isolated' foundation system and will be one of the safest structures of its kind ever built. 

The only words adequate to describe the interior spaces are 'cathedral like'.

Soaring ceilings and spectacular glass walls will entice visitors to explore and discover all of its wonders.

VIP capsules, never before offered, will allow for private functions including sit down dinners for up to 8 or elegant cocktail events for up to 15. A restoom, galley and wet-bar will be fully integrated into the capsule design. 

Well designed meeting space and a luxurious VIP lounge and 'Graffiti Grotto', located below grade, will provide another very unique experience.  The 25,000 sq.ft. Dr.Fredrick Terman and Robert Noyce Exposition Hall, named for the 'Father' and 'Mayor' of Silicon Valley respectively, will contain incredible displays of the latest technological advances and products of our sponsors,  A gift shop and numerous refreshment kiosks will make the Exposition Hall a unique experience for all. 

A 500 seat IMAX theater will provide a venue for first run films, local performances, product launches and more special event areas, including full bar and food service. It will be clad in a shimmering glass enclosure and give the Golden Gate Flyer venue an unmistakable, singular architecture expression.

Virtually all roof surfaces will be transformed into a terra formed park including; cafe, sculpture gardens, water features, butterfly habitat, public promenade, and 'The Spar', a unique and stunning public pier which will allow visitors and residents to walk out over Clipper Cove to enjoy spectacular views of The Flyer, Yerba Buena Island, and San Francisco's unmistakable skyline. 

Finally, The Golden Gate Flyer will be one of the most 'sustainable' and energy efficient structures of its kind.  LEED Platinum certification will be considered the minimum standard.  It has been designed to be in complete harmony with the magnificent new community plan produced by The Treasure Island Development Authority and The Treasure Island Community Developers and will play an important part in making sure the affordable housing goals promised to the citizens of San Francisco and the Bay Area are met.  It will help assure that the new community of Treasure Island, eventually home to 20,000 residents, will become one of the most successful new urban developments ever built in the San Francisco Bay Area.  

View looking towards main Entry Concourse from California Avenue

View from Clipper Cove looking West across Clipper Cove Avenue

View of Yerba Buena and Treasure Island from Telegraph Hill

Level 0
Flight Check-in, Bay Flight Pulsing Theaters, VIP Lounge, Graffiti Grotto   (2 levels of parking below)

Level 1
Grand Concourse, Amphitheater, Entrance Hall, The 'Rotunda', Golden Gate Exposition Hall, Flight Pavillon, Gift Shop

Level 2
IMAX Reception, Promenade, Sculpture Gardens and Butterfly Habitat, Spar Cafe and The Spar

Level 3
the Spar, the Terraced Garden, the IMAX Theater, the Sculpture Garden and the Butterfly Habitat

Site Plan

Birdseye view looking Northwest


Looking Northeast across Clipper Cove

Looking North from The Spar, toward The Cafe and IMAX

Looking Northeast towards 'The Cafe'

From the Promenade, looking Southwest, toward steps to 'The Roof Terrace'

From 'The Promenade', looking North at ,The Cafe, and IMAX

Aerial View of the Northeast 'Grand Staircase'

Looking Southwest towards IMAX and the 'Northeast Grand Staircase'

Looking Northwest toward Embarkation (funnel intakes on left)

Looking down into 'Graffiti Grotto, towards 'The Tech Lab' 

Looking Southeast across 'The Amphitheater'

View from Entry looking toward Rotunda and IMAX lobby (above)

View from Rotunda looking up at 'The Starmap'

View from Exposition Hall looking toward Entry and Rotunda

View from Exposition Hall looking north towards Entry

View from Cafe looking North

View from Gift Store looking South

Embarkation Level looking North


Embarkation Level looking Northwest

View Looking East towards Entry Concourse
(Waterfall to left and Amphitheater to right)

Looking towards East Grand Stairs
(Sculpture Garden above)

Aerial view above East Grand Stairs and Sculpture Garden