The Golden Gate Flyer 

"Helping House the Homeless"

The Golden Gate Flyer and Affordable Housing
The Economic Impacts



The design, entitlement, and financing of The Flyer will provide dozens of highly skilled jobs including planning, architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, legal services, environmental studies, artistic endeavors, and many others. 

The construction of this $650-750,000,000 project will employ hundreds of highly paid professionals, tradespeople, laborers, contractors, steel and concrete workers, electricians and many more.  A focus on local hiring and use of union workers will be a priority.

Capsule assembly will be done either on Treasure Island itself, or nearby in either the East Bay or Hunters Point. Capsule components will arrive from all over the world and each $1.2 million dollar capsule will be hand assembled by local workers. The capsule construction itself will be a $40,000,000.00 project.


Based on discussions with a potential operator, Merlin Entertainments, and on the experience of other wheel operators, permanent employment will be significant, including both full and part time workers. Additionally, increases in tangential employment in nearby retail developments on Treasure Island, operation of ferry’s, tour-buses, tour guides, private cruise companies, restaurants and retail stores, hotels, etc. will be significant.

Housing the Homeless

The Golden Gate Flyer will create an annual revenue stream of $20,000,000 that, leveraged properly, would help build over 500 ShelterHome© units annually. (based on an initial capital cost of $250k/unit) (click on the Shelter Home page tab for a more detailed description of the ShelterHome concept)


Another important mission of The Foundation is to fund research into better ways to design, finance, and build affordable housing, utilizing the most sophisticated research, design concepts, and innovative financial models. It currently costs more than $400,000/home to build affordable housing.  We hope to discover ways to help developers build homes  for less money. 

Tax Policy and Planning/Building code revisions

The foundation will lobby for more effective tax legislation and planning/building code revisions that will promote the construction of more affordable homes and encourage the development of faster and more cost effective ways to build.

Sustainability and Environmental Impact

The Golden Gate Flyer venue will be built to LEED Platinum sustainability standards. It will be carefully designed to minimize it’s environmental footprint on Treasure Island. It will not displace any already approved uses on Treasure Island other than a parking lot. Private vehicle parking will be minimized and a goal has been established to assure that at least 80% of all visitors come by ferry, bus, or bicycle. A 'smart roof' will become a lushly landscaped public park, thus reducing energy wasting heat loss and polluting storm water runoff. A solar energy system will provide a significant portion of total energy requirements.  


The Golden Gate Flyer will reinforce San Francisco's reputation as one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations. It will increase overall tourism to San Francisco, thus contributing in a significant way to one of it's most important economic engines.